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How will your Fundisa Fund account grow?

  • Your money buys income unit trusts.
  • These unit trusts invest in government bonds and bank deposits. You will get interest (income) and extra growth from these investments over time.
  • The bonus that you will get will be added to the money you have saved.
  • You will be sent a statement once a year, showing two accounts. The first account will show all the investor’s savings and the second account will show the bonus account and the amount of the bonus that has been added or reduced each year.
  • The bonus is calculated in October each year and will be deposited into your bonus account in January of the following year.
  • You can see how much your Fundisa Fund saving has grown by looking at the unit trust prices in the newspaper. The unit price of the Fundisa Fund must be multiplied by the number of units you own – you will see how many units you own on your statement.

The income unit trusts that Fundisa is invested in are managed by:

[picture: pencil graph] [graphic: coronation logo]

[graphic: investec logo]

[graphic: old mutual logo]

[graphic: stanlib logo]